Women’s Health Program

Nuevo cancer de mama

Health promotion

Marina Salud cares about the health of the woman. Therefore the Health Department of Denia participates in different health promotion developed by the Ministry of Universal and Public health, which include:

  • The Program for the promotion of Health, Prevention and Detection of relevant health problems during pregnancy, delivery and puerperium.
  • The Program for the prevention of Cervical Cancer, which offers women aged 20-65 the realization of the Pap smear every three years, in order to reduce the incidence and mortality caused by this cancer.
  • The Breast Cancer Prevention Program.Applied to women aged 45 to 69 years, results in a bilateral mammography and clinical screening at two-year intervals, in order to reduce mortality from breast cancer in the Region of Valencia. The survival rates of the breast cancer in the Marina Alta have increased in recent years, thanks to the available treatments that combine the work of Oncologists, Interventional Radiologists, Surgeons and Pharmacists.
  • The Program of Prevention of Gender Violence and Childhood, which provides for the development of actions aimed at the prevention and treatment of violence against women and violence in childhood, as a response to the situation that the victims of domestic violence suffer from.

Marina Salud also develops various initiatives within its policy of training, teaching and Corporate Social Responsibility with women as the principal key player.

It is the case of the celebration of the World’s Breastfeeding Day, where special emphasis was on the need to continue breastfeeding after maternity which benefits both the baby and the mother; the collaboration agreement with the “GrupNodrissa” or the approval of an Equality Plan of Opportunities, which allows the woman reconciling their work and family life, which obviously leads tosignificant advantages on their health.

Program of visits for pregnant women

The service of Gynecology and Obstetrics of Marina Salud Hospital in Denia also organizes guided tours aimed at pregnant women of the Marina Alta in order that the future pregnant women to become familiar with the obstetrical process and choose how they want to give birth.

These visits are also an opportunity to cleardoubts and familiarize themselves with the hospital environment. Pregnant women also receive the Delivery Plan, a document that is delivered to them during the pregnancy period with the object to reflect and choose between the offered options.



Breast cancer prevention program

However, the survival rate is also higher than the national average, thanks to early diagnosis and prevention programs implemented by the Consellería de Sanitat (Ministry of Health).

The treatment of breast cancer is also a priority for Denia Health Department; so there are teams of specialists who work exclusively on this pathology:

  • Tumors Committee, formed by a complete multidisciplinary team.
  • Surgical team: 2 cosmetic surgeons, integrated into the general surgery team, they deal the aesthetic aspects of the patient, through theOnco-cosmetic surgery, such as the immediate breast reconstruction.
  • Marina Salud also has a Radiology Department with personnel dedicated exclusively to the diagnosis of breast cancer.
  • In the field of Biological diagnosis, anatomicalpathology professionals have a subspecialized group in breast cancer diagnosis.

Complete solutions for common problems

The Marina Salud Hospital Urology Service also offers comprehensive solutions for common pathologies in women as it is, for example, the treatment of the pelvic floor. The application of new techniques using the latest technologies allow the two types of most frequent problems in pelvic floor: urinary incontinence and the genital Prolapse (known as sagging of pelvic organs, uterus sagging or drooping of the bladder).