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We are the reference hospital in the Marina Alta by our dimensions, our infrastructure, our know-how, our professionals, the techniques that we apply, the technology that we use and how carefully we treat you.

The Hospital in Denia is a center of recent construction, with a wide portfolio of services. The Centre is at the forefront of facilities and patients’ care.

Hospital de Denia

Strategic location

The Hospital in Denia is located in a strategic, 100 kilometers equidistant spot between the cities of Alicante, Valencia and the Balearic Islands. This, combined with the amount of floating population and foreign residents, compels us to maintain a portfolio of services proper to a reference center.

If you want to visit our hospital in a virtual way, you can do it by using google inside view.

Single rooms

211 exterior rooms, for single use, with private bathroom, sofa bed for companion, easy chair, television and Wi-Fi.


Habitaciones individuales con sofa para el acompañante

Excellent healthcare and service

Excellent nursing teams provide care from the 6 controls stations distributed between two hospitalization floors. Outcomes in patient satisfaction almost reaches excellence with scores close to 100%.

Cares also have a very positive impact as far as the patients’ safety is concerned. Thanks to our Electronic Clinical Record, ECR, and the cutting-edge technology we use such as the Pyxis system, nursing staff applies excellent quality and safety standards upon patients.

The medicines prescribed by the physician not only are automated and loaded in the ECR, but we have also introduced a drug alert system to possible drugs incompatibilities.

Hopital de Denia - farmacia
Hopital de Denia - farmacia huella

Broad portfolio of services

We provide cancer treatments, interventional radiology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, maxillofacial surgery or, for example, integral treatment units, in the case of obesity treatment.

instalaciones hospital de denia
radiología hospital de Dénia
Tac hospital de Denia
Quirófano hospital de Dénia
Equipos hospital de Dénia
Laboratorio hospital de Dénia

Spacious and bright spaces

Denia Hospital has been designed thinking in people. Many times our patients tell us that «it is a hospital that does not look like or smell like a hospital» and, with this purpose we have planned and endowed the Center with varied contents.

One of the initiatives that we are most proud of is that we have been pioneers in Spain in the humanization of health spaces, with the art project cuidArt. In the image below you can see a detail of the sculpture of one of the artists of the DKV Art and Health Collection, Pamen Pereira. The master piece is called the «DNA of love«.





Architecture and its sustainability are also part of a concept of respect to the environment and social responsibility; so the interior courtyards, in addition to providing freshness and feeling of spaciousness, are formed by autochthonous species and artificial turf.

Denia’s Hospital offers spacious glazed rooms bathed by natural light. It is an architecturally excellent building, designed to optimize energy and offer additional comfort to its patients. In fact the Center received the A Plus Health architecture award little after its inauguration.


Hospital Marina Salud de Denia

Hospital de Denia - espacios luminosos
Hospital de Denia - Espacios 2

Art workshops for patients

Continuing with the idea of humanizing health spaces trough the cuid’Art project, in order to liven up the hospital stay of chronical patients a full art program has been designed around workshops for patients, ranging from painting, to mural interventions, music therapy or theatre.

Talleres de arte
talleres de arte violonchelo
Talleres de arte hospital de Denia