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Very serious or vital emergencies 112







The Emergency Service of the Denia Hospital is the referral service in the Marina Alta.

We are located in a strategic place just 5 kilometers from the  62 output, on the Mediterranean highway AP 7, practically in a straight line.








If you suspect that you urgency is vital, call immediately 112. Here they will ask you a series of questions to assess you and send you the vehicle with the most appropriate health resource that guarantees your safety.

If, on the contrary, your ailment is not urgent, you can go to any of the points of ongoing care that we have distributed by 11 basic areas of the Marina Alta.





Emergency Telephones Health Centers



96 5739105





The Verger


Gata de Gorgos









965 318951







Dr. Antonio Barceló, Head of the Emergency Service



How does the Emergency Service work?


Emergency Admission


Upon entering the emergency room door you will find a counter where you will be asked for your ENAC accreditation. We need it, in addition to knowing your name, to open your Electronic Medical Record and for you clinical safety. It is important that you SIP or health card is personal and non-transferable.

After this procedure, you will go to a waiting room and, after a few minutes, a member of the First Aid He will call you to ask you a series of questions about your condition. This is what we call the triage.







In triage we work with him International system classification of Manchester for which you are assigned a severity level, to which a color is also associated. The time you will wait for the doctor to see you will depend on that level of severity and the number of patients who come to the emergency room that day, which we call healthcare pressure.




Red: Vital urgency. Waiting time: 0 minutes

Orange: Very urgent. Waiting time: 10 minutes

Yellow: Urgent: Standby time: 60 minutes

Green: Little Urgent: Standby time: 120 minutes

Blue: Not Urgent: Standby time: 240 minutes




The concept of time and waiting


These are the international benchmark average waiting times. This does not mean that it is strictly adhered to because the Emergencies, as their name suggests, are emergencies and are not scheduled care.

We advise you that, if you consider that it is necessary for us to go to a hospital where you will have complementary examinations, the better go to your health center. There, its flow of patients is, by its very nature, more agile and it also has qualified professionals; In addition, you will collaborate to decongest the Hospital Emergency Service.





Possible complementary tests


Once you have been classified, and depending on your state of gravity, you will have to go to the observation room, box or waiting room. In the latter case, you will wait until you are notified that you have consult with the doctor. Normally the doctor, if he considers it so, asks for a series of supplementary tests. Once these examinations have been carried out, you go to the waiting room for results where you will be notified again that the doctor has the results to offer you a diagnosis.


At this point, patients are discharged or admitted to the hospitalization floor.







Observation room


In this area, patients who need higher degree of care and health observation, although not the extreme speed of vital emergencies.

The Observation Room is a wide and open space with 14 positions and a control central in which there is a constant presence of health personnel.

The Observation stay can last from a few hours to a short time in hospital, depending on the situation of each patient.

El family access to this room is restricted at a specific time. In addition, only one companion per patient is allowed, although if there are several they can take turns during the visit.




Horario de visitas:  09:30-10:00  13:30-14:00 20:30-21:00




In the Observation Room, quite complex medical acts are frequently performed, so the visiting hours may be affected by these procedures. In this area it is required Silence and the use of mobile phones is not allowed.